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Note to the invited players: – this is a game in planing. If its one you want to playin and like the sound of please indicte your level of enthusiaum in the forum.

Chaos is upon the land.

The Saxon scum invade just like in the days of Hengest. A new leader stirring them to conquest.
Your majority is fast upon thee now, within days you will put the ways of childhood behind you and rise up a man in the full mantel of knighthood.

And then your plans, your line, you valour shall shake the halls of history and great deeds be written of your days.

Long live the King. Long live Uther!!!


This is that start of the GPC which I’ve started 2 other times and never finished. I’d like to get it done just once now that I’ve done Masks the other great mile stone of RPG’ing.

Home Page

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